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Title: Of Hunters and their Prey (5/?)

Author: motschekiebchen



see Part 1


Original lyrics of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” belong to John Denver.


Thank you to my Betas MJ and RHR. Any remaining mistakes are my own.



5. Back to the beginning



After Spike and Xander signed the non-disclosure agreements nothing stood in the way of their return to Los Angeles. General Hammond obtained two seats for a night flight on a military plane – which really didn’t sit well with a certain grumbling vampire, who told him several times in a very loud voice and in the most public parts of the base possible, that he didn’t trust the ‘bloody’ military as far as Xander could throw them. Hey, vampire here! He could throw a man a lot further than he trusted them at any time.


The good-byes were… interesting to say the least. Carter and Jackson were amused bystanders watching the play unfold before them. Hammond was saying good-bye to a good friend he spoke with often on the phone. Jack… Spike pouted. Jack didn’t need to be so glad to see Spike go! He pretty much shoved Spike out the base entrance and into the car and waved to get the vampire to leave faster. Under his breath the vampire could hear the Colonel sing: “ ‘Cause you’re leaving on a jet plane. Hope you won’t be back again. Oh, I love to see you go…” That was just so…grrr! He hadn’t done anything evil, he had actually been quite well behaved, Spike thought. He just wanted to tease the soldier a bit. Didn’t anyone have any idea of fun in the armed forces anymore? And couldn’t Jack stop singing this sodding song! “Now the time has come that you leave me, One more time let me hit you, Then I close my eyes And you have disappeared…” That was just so… childish. Damn! Spike had to admit to himself that he loved it. The message was clear, not that it would have prevented the vampire from continuing his campaign if they had stayed, and now he was sure he wouldn’t get the stupid song out of his head for the next few hours – original and bastardized version both! And they said he was evil! Grumbling he got in the car, followed by Xander who seemed to have his own kind of problems, if the speed with which he jumped in the car was anything to judge by.






Teal’c was not pouting. He was a Jaffa. Jaffa were warriors. Warriors did not pout. Pouting was for children when they didn’t get their way. He was not a child, he was an adult. Ergo, he did not pout! And must O’Neill be so damn happy to see them leave, Teal’c (didn’t) pout. He himself would have loved to get to know Xander Harris better.






Xander wouldn’t admit to anyone but himself that he was fleeing. The big black guy just was… scary. Wherever they had gone Teal’c had followed, not that they were allowed to see much of the base but it needed to be repeated: everywhere Xander and Spike were, Teal’c was. It wouldn't have been too bad, if he had been one of their escorts but they had two airmen who were assigned that duty.  Teal’c seemed to be a nice guy, apart from his stalkerish tendencies, but there just was something different about him… Half the time they were together the guy held his tummy. Maybe he had a permanent stomach ache? On the other hand he had caught Jack asking Teal’c if Junior was causing problems. Maybe the big guy wasn’t really a guy but a girl. Xander hadn’t asked Spike if Teal’c was a demon. He was sure what the vampire’s reaction would have been if he had shown the slightest interest for the man. But if he was a she and he/she was pregnant that would explain Jack’s question and the slight movement Xander had seen under the shirt. Not that he/she had a baby belly. But it would explain why Teal’c was attracted to him. Evil women just couldn’t let him be! On the other hand Teal’c didn’t sound like a female name and he/she - damn, it! - didn’t look like a woman to Xander. Ouch, now his head hurt! What did he know about demons? Maybe in Teal’c’s species the women looked all buff. He needed to get away. Needed to go! Immediately! Thankfully at this moment the car started to move. Now if Spike would stop humming everything would be just fine. He never would have taken the vampire for a John Denver Fan.


Their flight to Los Angeles was much too long for Xander’s taste. If he heard ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ once more, he was going to lose it. He was really, really, really tempted to see if vampires got bruises when you tried to strangle them. They took a taxi to the Hyperion and Xander breathed a sigh of relief as the Hotel came into view. He paid the driver and walked to the entrance where Spike was waiting for him. They went in, the vampire edging slightly behind Xander. As he saw Angel and Buffy standing together in the reception hall, surrounded by mini-slayers, Xander couldn’t stop himself from shouting: “Mummy! Daddy! Look what followed me h…” The room and the people around Spike and Xander disappeared in white light.






“…ome!” The sentence while started in one location concluded in another.


“Oh, fer cryin’ out loud! Not again!” a certain Colonel found himself back under a certain vampire. Said vampire tried to get comfortable but the situation had changed. His comfortable pillow had too many bumps this time. Seemed it had plans for the day that included weapons. But no-one had ever denied that Spike wasn’t persistent when he wanted to be. He wiggled here and there till he found a semi-comfortable position, winked coquettish with his eyes and asked: “Did you miss me?”






Jack was sure that this wasn’t his day. Strike that! He was sure it wasn’t his week! And if this continued, by the end of it he would have a giant concussion! He really needed to stop meeting the concrete flooring with his head. Or Spike needed to stop falling on him. Yes, that was it! The damn vampire was to blame! If Spike didn’t constantly throw himself at him, Jack wouldn’t be at risk for a concussion!


Jack decided he needed to act like a man and deal with it. Though, he did have a team for a reason… Carefully, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at his teammates. He should have expected it. Carter and Daniel weren’t even bothering to hide their amusement. His glares only encouraged them in their behaviour, as their smirks turned into full blown laughter. And hey, if he listened really hard, he was sure he also heard laughter from the observation/command room above them. You would think a General would be above such juvenile behaviour?! And the soldiers in the room with Jack? The Colonel was sure he saw money changing hands too…


Okay, there was Carter, and Danny. There still was one person missing. He looked around, and around, and around… Huh? The sounds of struggle near his feet distracted him from his scrutiny of the Gate room. Jack blinked… he blinked again… yep, still the same. Slowly his face morphed in a grin. “Hah, this time I’m not the only one! Yes!” If he could have moved, Jack would have jumped with joy. Since he couldn’t, he contented himself with trying to pump his fists in the air. Not easy trapped in a supine position but it needed to be done.






Why him? Xander would never admit it to anyone but at the moment there was a whining voice in his head. Not only did he endure a whole two hour flight forced to listen to Spike’s singing. Now they were back where they started, the entire trip taken in vain. He was nowhere near his friends, lying on a being that may be male or female, a demon or not, pregnant or not. Okay, that last bit was becoming more of a sure thing. There was definitely something moving in there. But it might not be a baby. He wasn’t an expert but he was sure an embryo shouldn’t have the ability to poke out of mama’s stomach to take a look around!


Freaked out he tried to jump up but Teal’c arms clasped him and didn’t let go. Need to get away! “Let me go!” Xander screamed at Teal’c and continued struggling and yelling till he was free. In a panic he sprinted across the room, putting as much distance as possible between them. No, no, no! Demon magnet was one thing but he sooo didn’t do tentacles and extra appendages!



6. My dessert was Spiked

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Date: 2008-12-20 09:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love the "Leavin' On A Jet Plane" touch, that is so Jack!

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Date: 2008-12-21 12:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I thought so too. I didn't think Jack would have let Spike go without a "shove out the door". When I was thinking about if they would take the car, the train or the bus back to LA I heard the song and couldn't resist.


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